English Class

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English Class by Mind Map: English Class

1. Elements of literature

1.1. Themes

1.2. Setting

1.3. Plot

1.4. Narration

1.4.1. first person

1.4.2. second person

1.4.3. third person

1.5. Characters

1.6. Atmosphere

2. Books

2.1. To kill a mockingbord

2.1.1. Characters Major Scout Atticus Jem Boo Radley Tom Robinson Calpurnia Bob Ewell Dill Minor Miss Maudie Mayella Ewell Heck Tate Walter Cunnigham Aunt Alexandra Mrs. Dubose Mr. Underwood Nathan Radley

2.1.2. Themes The coexistence of good and evil Discrimination Racism Sexism Aggression

2.2. Macbeth

2.2.1. Characters Major Macbeth Lady macbeth Banquo Duncan Minor Lennox Ross Fleance 3 witches Malcolm Donalbain Mcduff Angus

2.2.2. Setting Medieval Scotland

2.2.3. Themes Kingship and Tyranny Cruelty and masculinity power of unchecked ambition