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English by Mind Map: English

1. stories

1.1. Palace Walk

1.2. Tuesdays with morrie

1.2.1. assignment tankas haikus lumericks

1.3. City of Joy

2. Movies

2.1. October Sky

2.1.1. Main character Homer

2.1.2. Assignment We had to build a 3-D shape and explain it in 20 sentences. Tngram

2.2. Stand and Deliver

2.2.1. Main characters Mr. Escalante Angel

2.2.2. Assignment we had to write tanka's and Haiku's and write and essay about any of the main Characters Mandala

3. Synthesis essay

4. Poetry

4.1. Lumericks

4.2. Tankas

4.3. Haikus

5. On Identity

5.1. 3D symbol

6. Literary analysis essay