Mr. Alexander

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Mr. Alexander by Mind Map: Mr. Alexander

1. Novels

1.1. The City of Joy

1.1.1. Main Characters Hasri Pal Stephen Kolvaski Max Lowe Mother Teresa

1.1.2. Theme Compassion Helping Hand Sympathy and love of Mankind Crime Wealth and Poor

1.1.3. Setting Calcutta Slums Hospitals Markets Villages

1.2. Tuesday with Morrie

1.2.1. Characters Morrie Mitch Charlotte Ted Koppel Charlie Janin Rob and Jon Peter

1.2.2. Plot

1.2.3. Setting Morrie House The University Mitch home Mitch Office

2. Quizzes

2.1. "Get it all wrong" quiz

2.1.1. change normal trend of thought

2.1.2. pay close attention to questions

2.1.3. Pick the wrong answer out of all the correct ones.

2.1.4. Quizzes on both novels read.

3. Poetry

3.1. Haiku


3.2. Tanka


3.3. Limerick


3.4. Diamente


4. Compositions

4.1. Literacy Analysis Essay

4.1.1. at least 2500 words

4.1.2. an anlysis on one of the 6 elements of literature

4.2. Synthesis Essay

4.2.1. Write essay

4.2.2. Normally free reponse

4.2.3. an synthesis on all the sources given

4.2.4. well structured and well written

5. Projects

5.1. 3d Assignments

5.1.1. 3-d Creation

5.1.2. Representation of symbols

5.1.3. Paragraph representing the symbols

5.1.4. Tone, mood, voice, of author

5.1.5. pick 20 sentences, 4 from each passage. write them on 3-d object.

5.2. Rhetoric Powerpoint

5.2.1. powerpoint presentation

5.2.2. rhetoric trope, letter of name, symbolism, greek god.