Online Learning

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Online Learning by Mind Map: Online Learning

1. Distance Education

1.1. This is conducted of the internet usually over via the Web. These online education may be:

1.1.1. Synchronous Direct communication at the same time. Example: Web chat

1.1.2. Asynchronous Communication occurs at a different time. Example: E-mail

1.1.3. Instructor-Led Instructor teaching the class online

1.1.4. Self-paced Student/learning goes through the course by themselves at their own pace.

2. Apps that are both formal and informal

2.1. Grammar Up

2.1.1. Over 1,800 grammar questions and exercises that use real literature and examples.

2.2. Graphing Calculator

2.2.1. Used for students that cannot afford expensive calculator

2.3. Evernote

2.3.1. Turns your mobile device that helps you remember anything and everything that happens in your daily life.

2.4. Flashcards

2.4.1. Helps a student make flashcards as study materials for quizzes and tests.


2.5.1. App contains definitions, synonyms, and antonyms.

2.6. meStudying App

2.6.1. App for dfferent grade levels and helps on areas such as Algebra I, History, etc.

2.7. TED and TED with subtitles

2.7.1. Provides talks from world wide important and fascination people.

2.8. National Archives Today's Document

2.8.1. Features different documents from the National Archives each day.

3. Personal Opinion

3.1. I actually find online learning fun and interesting. It create the learner to learn how to use the internet by themselves as well as give the student the concept of how online learning is different paced compared to taking a class in a classroom

3.2. There are both benefits and cons about online learning.

3.2.1. Pros: self-paces, easy access, can access anywhere anytime, provides independence for the learner, makes the the learner be in a different environment instead of being in a classroom, etc.

3.2.2. Cons: may have poor internet connection, may be difficult to reach instructor for questions, get distracted, learner not used to the environment that its on the computer instead of having the instructor teach you in a classroom, etc.

4. eLearning

4.1. Popular for colleges to use. It is becoming the main web use for online classes.

4.2. Easy access, very clear on how to use this web page.

5. Tools and concepts that benefit the online environment.

5.1. Virtual learning environment

5.1.1. Benefits: Supports any  path, anytime, and any place

5.2. online games

5.2.1. Benefits: Supports interactive and participatory learning

5.3. Fuctionality

5.3.1. Benefits: Provides for flexible and convenient delivery of content

5.4. Links to external resources

5.4.1. Benefits: Variety of instructional events

5.5. Social Networking

5.5.1. Benefits: Creates and online community of learners

5.6. Interactive multimedia

5.6.1. Benefits: Provides engaging content for digital learners