Radio Broadcasting

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Radio Broadcasting by Mind Map: Radio Broadcasting

1. Research

1.1. Students will research Education-based information

1.2. View various forms of media or publications: magazine articles, newspaper articles, internet-based articles, etc.

2. Planning

2.1. Create mini-podcasts example for practise.

2.2. Create computer-file to manage saved material.

2.3. Organize material based on how the overall podcast or radio broadcast will play.

3. Create

3.1. Students will create a final broadcast using podcasting applications.

4. Criteria

4.1. 3-5 Minutes in Length

4.2. Music in Backround

4.3. Transition of broadcasts

4.4. Inclusion of music introduction (#1 Song)

4.5. Date and Time

4.6. Educational News Update

4.7. Weather Information