Community Engagement: Phase 1

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Community Engagement: Phase 1 by Mind Map: Community Engagement:  Phase 1

1. Goals:

1.1. Increase citizen participation in civic process

1.2. Show tangible results quickly of engaging

1.3. Introduce new ways of engaging that are open, participatory, increase richness of dialogue

1.4. Build a foundation for future engagement initiatives

1.5. Identify and connect people in the community are their ideas, passions

2. Key Players

2.1. City

2.1.1. IT

2.1.2. Communications

2.1.3. Mayor

2.1.4. Councillors

2.2. Community

2.2.1. Ratepayers Assoc

2.2.2. Community leaders

2.2.3. Community groups

3. Schedule:

3.1. Jan: Plan

3.2. early Feb: Set up

3.3. end of Feb: Collect

3.4. Mar: Prioritize & Decide

4. Plan

4.1. Phases

4.1.1. Collect ideas Use ideas forum Needs branding, integration with city online presence Moderator, host to encourage healthy ideas, discussion In-person events Online Innovation Game® One day mall event Evening sessions in wards

4.1.2. Prioritize Use online votes, in-person data, filter criteria to narrow down list of candidates Play Buy a Feature game Online In person

4.1.3. Decide Play Buy a Feature with Council Possible in council meeting?

4.2. Activities

4.2.1. Marketing/promotion Online Offline

4.2.2. Community hosting Online Offline

4.2.3. Infrastructure Set up tools Mailing list Ideas forum

4.2.4. Events Logistics Design Facilitate Analyze results Publish results

5. Cost

5.1. Depends on

5.1.1. available support from city staff

5.1.2. number of offline, online events

5.1.3. type of events

5.1.4. level of marketing push

6. Overview

6.1. Gather ideas from citizens in open, transparent way. Engage people in discussion.

6.2. Citizens, council and city staff decide collectively on some low-hanging fruit ideas that can be adopted and implemented Q1 of new fiscal year (starts April).

6.3. Everyone has a fun, positive experience engaging in a new way, providing a foundation for more work like this.