Hae Min Lee

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Hae Min Lee by Mind Map: Hae Min Lee

1. Best Buy

1.1. Hae, Adnan, and some of their other friends were always at Best Buy.

1.2. Adnan and Hae went there so much because, that's where they would have sex.

1.3. Jay claims to have picked up Adnan in front of the Best Buy "after he killed Hae", at the pay phone, (there was never a pay phone at Best Buy).

2. Don

2.1. Claims to be working on January 13th, the day Hae went missing.

2.2. He met Adnan when Hae's car broke down and she called Adnan to come help her.

2.3. Refused to let her use his last name or even his voice.

3. Jay Wilds

3.1. Pointed the finger at Adnan, during trial.

3.2. Claims that he only helped Adnan because he threatened to hurt his girlfriend, Stephanie.

3.3. Jay's timelines, alibis, and call logs don't really match up to what witnesses say, and sometimes his own words mix everything up.

3.4. Says that Adnan "held Stephanie captive" for a moment, until Jay agreed to "help Adnan with the murder".

4. Adnan Syed

4.1. Hae's ex-boyfriend,

4.2. Was a good kid in most peoples' eyes, but others describe a completely different person.

4.3. Was still really good friends with Hae, even though they had broken up.

4.4. He has always maintained his innocence.

5. Went missing on January 13th, and her body was found a month later, in Leakin' Park. Also, she was believed to be dead by 2:36 p.m but most people say that that was impossible because she was in the school gymnasium at around 3:40 p.m.