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Art/It by Mind Map: Art/It

1. 2d minky

1.1. im doing 2d sketches that are in my art book.

2. 3d minky

2.1. 3d work are the sculptures we have made in art.

3. matt techniques

3.1. The techniques that we use for 2d drawing is we don't press hard with the pencil to start off with and don't draw one line we do several lines.

3.1.1. The techniques for the sculptures that we did were: cross hatching which is where you draw some lines that look like naughts and crosses and putting some water on the bottom of the shape to then stick it on the bass of the sculpture.

4. insperation matt

4.1. artists

4.1.1. Paul Soldner inspired us with his 3d sculptures colour and design.

5. Form matt

5.1. we drew the pencil lines in the way that the shape, we drew a shadow to make it look 3d.