Tutorial 7: The Courageous Followers

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Tutorial 7: The Courageous Followers by Mind Map: Tutorial 7: The Courageous Followers

1. The Courageous Followers

1.1. 1. Courage to Assume Responsibility

1.1.1. assume responsibility for... themselves the orgainization

1.1.2. discover  or create opportunities fulfil their potential

1.1.3. understanding and ownership of common purpose needs of those the organisation serve

1.2. 2. Courage to Serve

1.2.1. not afraid of handwork

1.2.2. stay alert for area of strength to serve the leaders

1.2.3. take new or additional responsibilities unburden the leader serve the organisation

1.2.4. stand up for leaders

1.3. 3. Courage to Challenge

1.3.1. voice the discomfort sense something is not right willing to risk rejection to stand up and stand out initiate the necessary conflict required to deal with the issue

1.4. 4. Courage to Participate in Transformation

1.4.1. when behaviour that jeopardise the common purpose remains unchanged

1.4.2. followers needs for transformation

1.4.3. Followers champion need for change and stay with the leader and group followers mutually struggle with the difficulty of real change.

1.5. 5. Courage to Take Moral Action

1.5.1. recognise when it is time to take a stand that is different from the leader

1.5.2. stand may involve refusing to obey a direct order appealing to the next level of authority tendering one’s resignation

1.5.3. accept personal risk

2. Introduciton

2.1. “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” – Lord Acton

2.2. Leaders face the great seductiveness and pitfalls

2.3. Followers must realise their own power

3. The orbit of leaders and follower

3.1. Leaders orbits the purpose

3.2. Followers also orbits the purpose

4. intelligence disobedience

4.1. Ira Chaleff

4.1.1. Trained too well

4.1.2. does not know the right time to disobey or disregards

4.1.3. encourage followers to exercise intelligence disobedience