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Marvin Bower 1950-1967 by Mind Map: Marvin Bower 1950-1967
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Marvin Bower 1950-1967

1987 Knowledge Management Project

3 Recommendations

Build common database of knowledge

ensure that databases were maintained and used, Hire full time practice coordinators as "intelligent switch"

Create more I-shaped - deep functional specialist with narrow expertise

Bill Matassoni - Direct of communications, Knowledge Resource Directory (KRD

Brook Manville - Yale Ph.D. electronic publishing

Firm Practice Information System (FPIS)

Practice Development Network (PDNET)

1978 - McKinsey Staff Paper

encourage consultants to publish

1982 In Search of Excellence

1982 The Mind of the Strategist

1980 -11 Clientele Sectors

Mission: Serve Client Superbly well

"One Firm"

Every Assignment should bring more than just revenue - Such as Experience or Prestige

1971 - Commission on Firm Aims and Goals - firm growing too fast, quality of work uneven, consultant lack deep industry knowledge

T-Shaped Consultants

MGM Ratio from 7:1 to 5-6:1

Ron Daniel 1976

Faced Competition for BCG

Created first full-time director of training

1980 - 15 Centers of Competence

1 or 2 Experts

Fred Gluck

Fred Gluck MD - 1988

Promoted CPDC - Ted Hall, weed 72 Islands of activity

Client Impact Committee, Engagement Team (ET), Traditional - 3-4 month assignment highly efficient and flexible, but focus on immediate task, Client Service Team (CST, add long-term value and increase effectiveness of individual engagement - individuals linked across multiple ET's, Broaden classic models to group of partners sharing commitment rather than one partner "owning" client

Practice Bulletins

2-pae summaries of important new ideas

72 Island of activity

Integrating to 7 sectors and 7 functional areas

Led by 5-7 expert partners

Stewardship model