Service Delivery Models

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Service Delivery Models by Mind Map: Service Delivery Models

1. Consultative

1.1. Student is removed from a class to have a discussion with EC teacher about IEP goals and to help in the classes.

1.2. The accommodations and modifications can be provided during this session.

1.3. This is more for students with disabilities that do not greatly effect the classroom.

2. Small Group/Self -contained Class

2.1. Students are placed in a class separate class with a modified curriculum.

2.2. This is good for students with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities.

3. Co-Teaching

3.1. A regular education teacher and an EC teacher work in class together to help the EC students.

3.2. The teachers have different models to follow for coteaching

3.2.1. Duet

3.2.2. Watch and observe

3.2.3. One teach, one assist

3.2.4. Station teaching

4. Collaborative

4.1. Teachers work together in teams to create lessons and modify assignments.

4.2. Several regular education teachers to 1 EC teacher.

4.3. EC teacher rotates between classes and is available to provide accommodations.

4.4. Maybe a good model for students with specific learning disabilities.

4.5. Students do not receive as much support from EC teacher.

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