Case Study: Allison

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Case Study: Allison by Mind Map: Case Study: Allison

1. Nature of hearing loss

1.1. Bilateral conductive hearing loss

2. Causes of hearing loss

2.1. Repeated and Severe ear infections in infancy and throughout her early childhood

3. Possible challenges

3.1. Cannot catch what the teacher is saying

3.1.1. Hearing aid.

3.1.2. Sit near the speaker

3.1.3. Ask the speaker to use a microphone

3.1.4. Smaller classroom environment

3.2. difficulty verbalizing

3.2.1. Write instead of speaking

3.3. dependent on hearing aid -> difficulty coping without her hearing aid

3.3.1. Ensure hearing aid is always with her

3.4. Delayed in language development

3.4.1. More focused one-one teaching/remedials

4. Benefits of accommodations currently provided

4.1. Hearing aids: able to learn through the auditory channel

4.2. IEP: supplement the lesson

5. Limitations of accommodation

5.1. Time consuming

5.2. expensive

6. Any other accommodations that can be provided