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Allison by Mind Map: Allison

1. Nature of hearing loss

1.1. Conductive and Bilateral. It was acquired from repeated and severe ear infections in infancy.

2. Possible Challenges that Allison might experience

2.1. Infections might come back again

2.2. The classroom environment is too loud, it could be hard for her cause the hearing aid amplifies it.

2.3. When the teacher is facing the whiteboard, she might be unable to hear

3. Benefits and limitations of accomodation

3.1. Benefits

3.1.1. Hearing aids are used effectively?

3.1.2. IEP that she attended help her speech skills at a young age.

3.1.3. In the setting she is in, she would not feel like she is different from others

3.2. Limitations

3.2.1. In the setting that she is in, she would not be able to catch up to her other peers

4. Helps to overcome difficulties

4.1. Put her at the front of the classroom

4.2. Articulate properly and speak slowly

4.3. Smaller classroom size for her

4.4. Support from family and friends

4.5. Have loop/ buddy system in the class

4.6. Give her more time to take notes & exams

4.7. NAO Approach