Transgender Bathroom Law

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Transgender Bathroom Law by Mind Map: Transgender Bathroom Law

1. Interest Groups

1.1. Supporters

1.1.1. Republicans/Conservatives Lt. Governor Dan Patrick wants to prevent men (transgender or note) from using a women's bathrooms or locker rooms Senator Ted Cruz North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory

1.1.2. believe public schools right to refuse transgender bathroom of choice

1.1.3. North Carolina (their bill)

1.1.4. Organizations Students and Parents for Privacy Anti-LGBT hate group

1.2. Opponents

1.2.1. Democratics/Liberals President Obama ACLU discriminatory against transgendered persons

1.2.2. Social Organizations Human Rights Activists Freedom for ALL Americans Alliance Defending Freedom

1.2.3. LGBT Community Rallies and Protests Parents of the LGBT

1.2.4. Justice Department claims hb2 violates Title VII prohibits sex discrimination rejects law violates Civil Rights Act of 1964

2. Legal Foundations

2.1. North Carolina Law

2.1.1. Fourth Courts Decision House Bill 2 signed after $42,000 emergency legislative sessions Judges split 2-1 results in creating of a unisex or gender neutral bathroom Grimm v. Gloucester Country School Board boy's right to use boy's restroom

2.2. US Constitution

2.2.1. 10th Amendment Federal Government has no authority to interfere in local school districts bathroom policies

2.2.2. Equal Protection Clause does not clarify "transgenders" Transgender = person whose self identity does not conform to conventional standards of male or female gender requires bathroom available for gender identity

2.3. Department of Education

2.3.1. Students and Parents for Privacy v. US Department of Education families filed suit against state school district by allowing transgenders to share bathroom with their children risk losing $6 million in federal funding agreement allowing transgender to use bathroom corresponding with their identity

2.4. Department of Justice

3. Goals/Impacts

3.1. Federal Government

3.1.1. May 13, 2016 Obama Administration Order Education Department for Civil Rights and Justice Department Civil Rights Division standoff between the two may result in a Supreme Court Case

3.2. Prevent LGBT individuals from using preferred bathroom/locker room choice

3.2.1. keep school children safe children not to be exposed to private anatomy of opposite sex

3.3. Keep women and children safe in public bathrooms

3.3.1. privacy

3.4. Harms Prevented by HB2

3.4.1. sexual harassment rape of women and children

3.4.2. predators disguising into bathrooms

3.5. Unintended Consequences

3.5.1. Sexual harassment and violence towards transgenders Survey of transgenders in DC 70% reported being harassed/mistreated in public bathrooms

3.5.2. Social anxiety from transgenders Embarrassment and uncomfortable avoiding public bathrooms health harms

4. Contents of Policy

4.1. North Carolina

4.1.1. Legislator House Bill 2 Use bathroom according to gender on birth certificate HB2 "Bathroom Bill" Signed into law by Gov. Pat McCrory local governments preempted General Assembly of North Carolina