Acceptance into Harvard!

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Acceptance into Harvard! by Mind Map: Acceptance into Harvard!

1. Me now.

1.1. In high school.

1.2. With decent grades.

1.3. No plan for reaching my goal.

1.4. Not on any teams or clubs.

2. Where I want to be.

2.1. At Harvard.

2.2. On full scholarship.

2.3. Amazing grades.

2.4. In the Medical Program.

3. How I'll get there.

3.1. Studying.

3.2. Taking summer school to expand my knowledge.

3.2.1. Especially in courses that pertain to the medical sciences.

3.3. Perfecting my application.

3.3.1. Making drafts.

3.3.2. Getting feedback from teachers and educators at my school.

3.4. Joining application-worthy clubs and sports.

3.5. Getting a job as a backup plan in case I am not given a scholarship.

3.5.1. Perhaps at a hospital or veterinarians office.