Wouldn't It Be Nice If......  2020 Technology Vision

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Wouldn't It Be Nice If......  2020 Technology Vision by Mind Map: Wouldn't It Be Nice If......  2020 Technology Vision

1. Contribute

1.1. Giving

1.1.1. “Check processing machine in counting room”

1.1.2. Get my giving statement electronically

1.1.3. We could track contributions from “E” Everywhere contributors

1.1.4. I could download my statement of giving

1.1.5. Contribution-Auto deduct tithes from bank account

1.1.6. We had collection versus budget once a month

1.1.7. We could eliminate the church’s debt

1.1.8. People became friends of EBC and contribute financially to pay off the debt

1.1.9. Digital Payments -Apple Pay

1.1.10. Google Pay

1.1.11. We could broadcast live stream and track contributions

1.1.12. We could have associate tithing members across the globe

1.2. Volunteer

1.2.1. There were sites members could use / explore to truly gage where they can be of service

1.2.2. Sign up for ministry activities online

1.3. Share

1.3.1. We could make requests or ask questions digitally of the church

1.3.2. Ministry Suggestions

1.3.3. Share Feedback & Ideas

1.4. The congragation had timely and updated info on church revenues and expenditures online

2. Change

2.1. Our deaf ministry had more tools to teach deaf citizens

2.2. We could show the world how a historic church from an urban area were early adopters of technology and joined all ages and demographics

2.3. We could get people / members to believe in the gospel message through the mission and vision of the church and we utilize technology to help undergird that

2.4. Sermons

2.4.1. We could download the sermon preached that very Sunday immediately after church

2.4.2. We could share services with our friends online

2.4.3. We could digitally discuss each Sunday’s sermon with other memebers

2.4.4. We could purchase current and past services online

2.4.5. Sermons were provided electronically, could follow-up with an online study group

2.4.6. We had sermon passages before service

2.4.7. We had a digital library of EBC Sermons

2.4.8. We could have transcripts of the sermon or message

2.4.9. We could digitally save our favorite sermons

2.4.10. Dr. Warnock full message download for free

2.4.11. Dr. Warnock mini message downloaded

2.5. Sunday School

2.6. WOW

2.6.1. I could virtually attend bible study and have interations

2.6.2. Virtual wow

2.7. Sunday School

2.7.1. Positioning Sunday School ministry so that it can easily be found on Sunday mornings - on home page and worship today page; featured in the ministry listings

2.7.2. Sunday school classes could be recorded and stored for online access

2.7.3. We had online sunday school

2.7.4. Include different bible translations for virtual/Sunday school reference

2.7.5. Sunday school classes were taught in smart classrooms -projection screens -computers

2.7.6. Sunday school christian education could have it’s own smart building

2.7.7. Sunday school classes had associated with them a virtual and physical library

2.7.8. Kindle type library for various electronic documents

2.7.9. Recording of classes - what is the best type camera; content that should be recorded

2.7.10. Sunday School - may need it's own app to focus more intensely on educating, equipping, edifying

2.8. Technology Training

2.8.1. Convince our senior members to embrace technology

2.8.2. Help others become at ease with new technology

2.9. Social Justice

2.9.1. All members of the church could be aware of laws and bills that are passed / vetoed / denied quickly Diversify in different languages (English / Spanish / French)

2.10. Outreach and Mission

2.11. We could reach the 75% unchurched in Metro Atlanta on our app and we had up to date info on our membership

3. Children & Youth

3.1. C&Y ministry website interactive games

3.2. We had reverse mentoring have young adults and children do traning

3.3. Our Children’s ministry had access to technology in order to be more engaged at their level

3.4. Provide automated check-in / check-out for children and youth

3.5. C&Y ministry competitive bible reading app

4. Contact

4.1. A help desk existed that members could utilized when having trouble

4.2. There were an app for basic ebc info with links to more info

4.3. We could submit prayer requests online

4.4. We knew what days parking was allowed

4.5. Members could be involved in the vetting process of prospective employees

4.6. Scheduling Services -on demand / scheduling for counseling for families who need unbiased intervention or problems between couples

5. Celebrate

5.1. Worship

5.1.1. Greet members each Sunday

5.1.2. This technology did not cause people to stop coming to church

5.1.3. Song and hymn lyrics were digital

5.1.4. “Sent a program to family”

5.1.5. You could schedule a baptism online

5.1.6. Delivery for summary of service to mobile device

5.1.7. Worship program and other potential info was downloaded to your device as you enter the sanctuary

5.1.8. Sunday scriptures pop-up on device

5.1.9. If people could accept Jesus with this technology

5.1.10. How long is pilot phase for 3 services - what is the success criteria

5.2. Worship streaming

5.2.1. We could have streaming participants communicate with eachother

5.2.2. Streaming congragation to request realtime prayer or counseling

5.2.3. We had an event website with livestream

5.2.4. Better Use of Extending Globally/Connecting for worship In addition to live steam, Stream a Podcast available on iPhone/Android marketplace for people to subscribe to and steam at anytime.

6. Technology Services

6.1. Global Reach, Go Green, Better Connect, Enhance Worship, Better Educate

6.2. Director of Technology to manage vision and direction



6.5. Enhace administrative function of church

6.6. Preservation of historical data

6.7. Devices

6.7.1. There were walkie talkies for communication

6.7.2. If we could sell Roku and other devices in our gift shop

6.7.3. We could purchase equipment in book store

6.8. Technology Enablement Training

6.8.1. Plan beginner tech tutorials for members to understand how they can utilize EBC tech systems

6.8.2. All of our members knew about all of the technology EBC had in place in live stream

6.8.3. Use Birthmonth clubs to scrub data

6.8.4. Technology education for lay leaders / big data

6.8.5. Classes were given to assist those who consider themselves illiterate in technology ie phone (cell) usage and differents apps

6.8.6. Technology team members to train the sick and the shut in and set up systems

6.8.7. There were online education and training

6.8.8. We had some instructional design / Instructional technology in place

6.8.9. EBC offered workshops to help educate the community and improve the skills with technology

6.8.10. We had basic training for - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

6.8.11. The technology committee could train EBC members on the new technology initiatives

6.8.12. We had education about the apps and how to use for Ebenezer

6.8.13. There were technology or big data information classes + kids classes

6.8.14. Technology classes were offered to members

6.8.15. This could be done by a different organization in the church one-on-one because some may learn at different pace - make it personal and user friendly for all

6.8.16. Train birthmonth club leaders / train the traniner

6.8.17. Seniors There were safe spaces (no fear of embarrassment) for the elderly or those who are not technology savvy to come learn at Ebenezer

6.8.18. We knew how to download various apps you need to access EBC Tech Systems and describe what they are

6.9. Online computer and smartphone training

6.10. A member would hit the mega million and pay the church a tithe of the winnings and designate some of the tithe / donation strictly for technology

6.11. Existing technology worked well

6.12. There were a digital vocabulary book

6.13. We had a better website with more details

6.14. There were more resources to expand and improve current technology

6.15. Help those who have problems with computers and cell phones

6.16. We could have more volunteers to assist those who are illiterate

6.17. Members could have better user experience of church website

6.18. Streaming Technology

6.18.1. Live streaming worked really well

6.18.2. Closed-captioning for live stream

6.18.3. We could broadcast in other languages and track countries

6.18.4. Notificationcations -Push notifications or texts of streaming of events

6.19. Technology Resources

6.19.1. Full time staff member for technology

6.19.2. We had Technology resources for lay leaders

6.19.3. Technology Youth Involvement Younger members who understand social media technology etc could be paired with older members who need assistance to understand and accept technology advances Train youth and others to run and maintain systems

6.20. Integration Across all ministries (make sure they all have what they need to organize and deliver)

6.21. Boardroom apps - boardmax, boardworks, boardpacks

7. Connect

7.1. New Members

7.1.1. Announce new members with a story

7.2. Member Connect

7.2.1. Send automatic birthday wishes

7.2.2. There was a more efficient way to identify 50 year members

7.2.3. I knew which members lived close to me

7.2.4. Easily find a list of members based on a set of demographic keys

7.2.5. We knew the number of seniors 60+ at EBC

7.2.6. We could provide all information to new members joining the church in a digital manner

7.2.7. Access to birth month club

7.2.8. There was an easier way to identify highschool seniors

7.2.9. Provide an integrated platform of member information for use by various church ministries

7.2.10. We could access a member online account

7.2.11. Have a database of parents of EBC youth

7.2.12. I knew members with similar professions

7.2.13. Age Groups to match ministry

7.2.14. We could contact all members interested in attending church school

7.2.15. We had a simple way to know where people live

7.2.16. Send an inquiry “where have you been, we miss you”

7.2.17. We could have a membership database with photos and other info about members available to all members who cared to share

7.2.18. Send automatic welcome / greetings to new members

7.2.19. We had access to updated information on members of church organizations ie birth month etc

7.2.20. Member information was available to those leaders who needed it

7.2.21. We had a digital member directory sortable by profession

7.2.22. There were a way to know if members on my side of town might be in need of or could use assistance

7.2.23. Member data base - continuously maintain data

7.3. Virtual Conferencing/Meetings

7.3.1. Trustee meetings could be help by video conference

7.3.2. There were more use of Skype or teleconferencing for church organization meetings

7.3.3. There were video conferencing among EBC Leaders

7.3.4. We could conduct board meetings remotely

7.3.5. Online interactive meetings for traffic challenged participants

7.3.6. We could have video conferenceing meetings with our groups - ministries

7.3.7. There were a live conference call for children’s church

7.4. Ministry and audio conferencing to hold meetings

7.5. We could interact with group members for video conferencing

7.6. Events

7.6.1. If there was a church calendar I could automatically download to my personal calendar

7.6.2. There was a virtual data room for distributing trustee board meeting materials

7.6.3. Access to meeting schedules for primary groups clubs, teams and ministries

7.6.4. Ministry leader - add/cancel from mobile device

7.7. Ministries

7.7.1. There were online directions to join any club, group, ministry

7.7.2. Have a database of all members of all ministries

7.7.3. There was a way to connect all members of my organization

7.7.4. Applications we available on mobile to determine what organizations are a part of the church, organization directory

7.7.5. The social justice committee could access individuals in the church to form groups quickly for social justice activities (community)

7.8. Bulletins

7.8.1. If we could pull up past sermons based upon church bulletins

7.8.2. Print a bulletin that has announcements for the month, once a month and have it available in the lobby all month for people to grab if they'd like a paper one.  Also have the bulletin information show up on SmartPhones and Tablets.

7.9. Leader Directory

7.9.1. There were an online church directory with officers, leaders etc

7.10. News

7.10.1. Horizon news letter was digital

8. Multi-Media

8.1. Audio - Media

8.1.1. The choirs could hear the sermons all the time

8.1.2. Improve quality of sound for the choirs

8.1.3. The sound on the streaming was better particularly the music and the preaching

8.1.4. The sound systems worked better in the congregation and the choir department

8.1.5. Improve existing audio and visual systems

8.2. Monitors

8.2.1. We could have projection screens hanging in the front of the church on both sides to have words to songs videos and announcements

8.2.2. There were a television screen in the narthex displaying info that might be in the bulliten

8.2.3. There were a monitor in the narthex with information (announcements)

8.2.4. There were a TV calendar in the Narthex for all ministry activities

8.2.5. A monitor in the lobby / narthex to add events meetings, what’s happening etc

8.2.6. For each service have the bulletins showing on TV monitors or a projector screen.