solve 360 review

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solve 360 review by Mind Map: solve 360 review

1. shared to all

2. wishes

2.1. collapsible headers on task lists in projects

3. pros

3.1. 30 day test

4. cons

4.1. it feels slow

4.2. it feels buggy

4.2.1. some evidence in bugs sections

5. nuisances

5.1. lack of save button makes me nervous that my work will be lost

5.2. cannot close S360 tabs without opening them first!

5.3. how to increase the number of viewers to this contact/email?

5.4. cannot preview project blog

5.4.1. major bummer

6. videos


6.2. there are a lot more

7. bugs

7.1. do not try to open images for viewing in Firefox

7.1.1. immediate crash

7.2. definite trouble with opening contact infor via webmail

7.2.1. cannot open contact via webmail

7.2.2. fx crashes

8. questions

8.1. not clear on how to assign a task to an email

8.1.1. use case Cust A wants info regarding B boss is busy wants to give Cust A question to Employee A with email how to do this?

8.2. how to view emails?

8.3. how to control what emails are connected to contacts/ orgs?

8.4. how to increase number of emails that are assigned to a HOSTED contact?

8.4.1. i.e. emp A is responsible for X Y and Z contacts but the manager needs to see these emails too?

9. tips

9.1. load browser with min ext and add ons

10. solve360 people

10.1. Please edit!

10.2. I cannot find answers/ workarounds to a lot of weirdness on S360

10.3. the help docs are thin at best

10.4. the use cases are thin

11. New node