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A Living Wage by Mind Map: A Living Wage

1. Cultural Bias: The only people affected by the minimum wage are young people and unskilled workers.

1.1. In Reality: Young people only make up less than 20% of the people affected by a low minimum wage

2. Cultural Bias: People don't deserve a higher wage if they have not completed 4 years of college.

2.1. Opinion: If someone is putting 40 hours or more a week into a job they should be able to purchase all of lives necessities and care for their loved ones regardless of what job they are doing.

3. People affected by the minimum wage

3.1. Teenagers

3.2. College students

3.3. People with no college degree

3.4. Single parents

3.5. War veterans

4. Social inequalities

4.1. Not everyone can afford to go to college to acquire the education required to get a better paying job.

4.2. The minimum wage is not high enough for someone to raise a family off of, hence single parents often have 2 or three jobs and work around 60 to 80 hours.

5. The current situation

5.1. Companies are greedy and choose not to pay their employees a living wage, the government shouldn't have to step in and force companies to treat its employees like people.

5.2. The media only shows young people being affected by the minimum wage when they make up less than half the work force with over 50% of the people earning minimum wage are 30 or older.

5.3. Job security is virtually non existent because of how high unemployment is, company would rather throw good workers to the wind and get new unskilled workers to replace them

6. Cultural Bias: Waiters don't deserve even the minimum wage because they receive tips

6.1. In Reality/opinion: Leaving the pay of your employees up to the consumer is both rude and disrespectful to the employee and the consumer, the act of being able to withhold pay from someone simply because you did not like them does not mean they did not do their job and they often do make less than the minimum wage because of this.