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9-1 GCSE Mathematics by Mind Map: 9-1 GCSE Mathematics
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9-1 GCSE Mathematics


Notation, Vocabulary and Manipulation

Solving Equations




*New Topic* Iteration

Algebraic Proof


Structure and Calculation

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Measures and Accuracy


Grouped and Continuous Data

Charts and Averages


Cumulative Frequency and Box Plots

Scatter Diagrams


Ratio, Proportion and Rate of Change

Compound Units

Direct and Inverse Proportion


Compound Interest- Growth and Decay

Rate of Change (Covered in Algebra-Graphs)

Percentage Change (Covered in Number Section)

Geometry and Measures

Constructions and Loci


Circle Theorems



Polygons and Angles in Parallel Lines

3D Shapes

2D Shapes


Experimental and Theoretical Probability

Tree Diagrams and Frequency Trees

Venn Diagrams

Combinations and Systematic Listing


Useful Websites- 1) Very useful for step by step lessons and interactive quizzes. 2) Videos that talk you through key areas on a wide range of the GCSE Specification. Videos from this website are embedded throughout the mindmap. 3) Differentiated questions (Bronze/Silver/Gold) that allows you to practise fluency of key skills. 4) 1-9 levels broken down into topics related to each level. Comes with revision videos and practise questions (mostly past paper questions) with solutions. 5) Website that has hundreds of 5-a-days to practise a range of skills each day that target different levels- answers are with the '5 a days A*-G' only. Very useful section of topics broken down alphabetically with a huge number of fluency practise of skills. 6) A great website that breaks down topics and allows users to revise, practise and understand topics. It has the GCSE takeaway section which is past paper questions and multiple choice quizzes for each topic. 7) This website and this specific section generates 'higher' questions with answers instantaneously, similar to the 5-a-days but more working required to get an answer. The websites aren't in any order, they are free and checked thoroughly for usefulness- allowing students to enhance their skills, knowledge and understanding of the GCSE Specification. If you are not sure on how to use any of the websites then please ask Mr Barker.

GCSE Revision Section (Under Construction)

Main Revision Booklet

Key Formulas you MUST learn

Higher Topic 9-1 Checklist

Aiming for Grade Booklets

'Grade 9' Papers- note: these do not claim to be a grade 9 paper, it contains questions which need a variety of skills to solve.

Sample Papers

Speciman Papers