Crime Control Model

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Crime Control Model by Mind Map: Crime Control Model

1. Correctional Facilities and their method of rehabilitation; institutionalized slavery

1.1. the living situation of the incarcerated individuals and the stigma the world appropriates with them

1.2. the privatized ownership of the facilities and the laws allowing the contracting of slave labor

2. Law Enforcement and the illegitimate rouse to incarcerate not serve nor protect

2.1. The hiding and trapping of drivers for quotas and fines

2.2. the known corruption and murder practiced by the  enforcers of law

2.3. the disillusionment for change to the current system that is rebirthing slavery

3. The dependency on the downfall of people in the society

3.1. The citizens misunderstanding and, or lack of knowledge to their rights and the laws

3.2. the systems' use of the societies' misconceptions and, or ignorance to the new Model (CCM)

3.3. The plenty and treatment for the wrongdoing of specific cultural groups in a society

4. Social Issues

4.1. recividism

4.2. unemployment

4.3. criminal activity