Feedback, Mistakes and Correction

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Feedback, Mistakes and Correction by Mind Map: Feedback, Mistakes and Correction

1. Supportive Feedback

1.1. Work Specific

1.2. Truthful

1.3. Encourage a student to think for themselves

1.4. Extending

1.4.1. Repeating what they have said

1.4.2. Asking follow up questions

1.4.3. Reformulate

1.4.4. Ask for clarification (Pursuit Questions)

2. Mistakes

2.1. Does it need correcting?

2.1.1. Linguistical Grammar Pronounciation Vocabulary Register Combination of any above

2.1.2. Correction Slip (Self Correctable) Error (Cannot be corrected alone) L1 Interference Developmental Errors Attempt (Doesn't know correct)

2.2. Is now the right time to correct?

2.2.1. Accuracy or Fluency focus

2.2.2. Will it interrupt the activity? Online vs. Offline Correction

2.2.3. 'Gentle correction or prompt'

2.2.4. Will the correction be effective now?

2.3. Who is the best person to correct?

2.3.1. Student (Self Correction) Awareness

2.3.2. Peer Humiliation factor Supportive atmosphere

2.3.3. Teacher

3. Correction for English

3.1. Verbal

3.1.1. Online (on the spot) Self Correction Techniques Assisted Correction Correction w/ emphasis Say incorrect, correctly

3.1.2. Offline (after-the-event) Teacher Notes Overview Assesment Common Error lists Recording Replaying for students Transcribing Recognise and 'put right' the mistake

3.2. Writing

3.2.1. Feedback Symbols Do the students know the symbols? Can the student use the symbols? Comments Annotation Software Criticism balanced praise

3.2.2. Summative or Formative Draft writing Understanding the writing process

3.2.3. Content or Form

3.2.4. Marking time Selective Marking Don't Mark all the Papers Involve students

4. Connections

4.1. TBLT

4.1.1. When to make corrections?

4.1.2. Offline Correction (After Task)