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00 Recreational Tramp by Mind Map: 00 Recreational Tramp
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00 Recreational Tramp

Tramp Red & Purple 1

04 Tramp Red & Purple Pt. 1 Front Tumble

04 Tramp Red & Purple Pt. 2 Front Tumble

04 Tramp Red & Purple Pt. 3 Back Tumble

Tramp White

: Numbered text point out technique.  Text in parentheses point out pressure that partners can create to enhance learning.  Gymnast resists the pressure from the partner.  This will emphasize what muscles to use in order to achieve desired position. Remembering Technique: Note: Number your students shortest to tallest and then adjust for ability.  Students can be responsible for remembering the technical item that matches their number.  Allow each to verbalize or demonstrate their numbered technique for each skill. This will help everyone as well as teachers remember technique. Time Guide: Most often there is not enough time to cover all technique.  Add technique over time. Typically pick 3 items of technique in chronological order. Execute 3 times.  Cover 1 skill per 5 minutes. Cover 3 Skills per 15- minute rotation.  If skills seem easy by all means move on! General Form should be considered in every skill: 1: Head Up, 2: shoulders back and relaxed, 3: Arms relaxed, 4: Arms Straight, 5: Hips tilted under, 6: Legs straight, 7: Legs together, 8: Feet Pointed, 10:feet slightly turned out.

01 Tramp White Pt. 1 Jumps

01 Tramp White Pt. 2 Jumps

01 Tramp White Pt. 3 Traveling Skills

Tramp Yellow

02 Tramp Yellow Pt 1 Traveling Skills

02 Tramp Yellow Pt. 2

02 Tramp Yellow Pt. 3

Tramp Blue

03 Tramp Blue Pt. 3 Tramp to 12" Mats

03 Tramp Blue Pt. 1 Split Jumps & Donkey Kicks

03 Tramp Blue Pt. 2 Uphill 12"