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Accounting by Mind Map: Accounting

1. What education is required for accounting?

1.1. The classes you need to take for accounting

1.1.1. Course guidelines

1.2. Beneficial degrees or certificates to become an accountant

1.3. Apus course descriptions

1.3.1. Archives

2. Do accountants get paid well?

2.1. Salary (yearly income) recently made

2.1.1. Government webpages Department of labor and wages

2.2. Hourly rates for accountants based on education

2.2.1. Occupational website Bureau of labor statistics

3. What skills are needed to be in the accounting industry?

3.1. Basic or advanced skills due to working with numbers daily

3.1.1. O net occupation website

3.2. Being in a high paced office and workplace with many people to interact with

3.2.1. Scholarly sources Journals from previous accountant

4. Is there room to advance in the field of accounting?

4.1. Higher degrees you may obtain in the industry

4.1.1. Occupational outlook handbook Course guide

4.2. Management positions avilable

4.2.1. A-z business and accounting database Articles from magazines

5. Is there a future need for accountants?

5.1. Amount of current job openings

5.1.1. Unemployment rate from website

5.1.2. Job search websites

5.2. The projected growing rate

5.2.1. Bureau of labor statistics