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Music by Mind Map: Music

1. Genres

1.1. Blues

1.1.1. Examples Acoustic Blues Classic Blues Country Blues Electric Blues

1.2. Children's Music

1.2.1. Examples Sing-Along Lullabies Stories

1.3. Classical

1.3.1. Major time divisions Early music period Medieval era Renaissance era Renaissance era Common practice period Baroque era Classical era Romantic 20th century high modern era postmodern era

1.4. Country

1.4.1. Examples Alternative Country Bluegrass Contemporary Bluegrass Traditional Bluegrass Traditional Bluegrass Contemporary Country Country pop Traditional Country

1.5. Electronic

1.5.1. Examples Ambient Chillwave Drum & Bass Electronica Electro Electronic Rock Industrial

1.6. EDM (Electronic Dance Music)

1.6.1. Examples Club / Club Dance Chillstep Dubstep Electro House Glitch Glitch Hop Glitch Pop Hardcore House Techno Trance Trap

1.7. Hip-Hop/Rap

1.7.1. Examples Alternative Rap Bounce Dirty South Rap East Coast Rap Gangsta Rap Hardcore Rap Old School Rap Underground Rap West Coast Rap

1.8. Instrumental

1.8.1. Examples Classical Instrumental March (Marching Band)

1.9. Jazz

1.9.1. Examples Avant-garde jazz Bebop Big Band Cool jazz Latin jazz Mainstream jazz Traditional jazz

1.10. OPM

1.10.1. Examples Philippine pop songs Bisrock

1.11. Pop

1.11.1. Examples K-Pop J-Pop American Pop

1.12. R&B/Soul

1.12.1. Examples Contemporary R&B Disco Funk Motown Soul Modern Soul Neo-Soul Northern Soul Psychedelic Soul Soul Blues Southern Soul Neo-Soul

1.13. Rock

1.13.1. Examples Alternative rock Examples Metal Examples Rock and roll Classic rock

2. Instruments

2.1. Classification

2.1.1. Ancient systems instruments where the sound is produced by vibrating strings percussion instruments with skin heads instruments where the sound is produced by vibrating columns of air solid or non-skin, percussion instruments

2.1.2. Hornbostel-Sachs Idiophones Membranophones Chordophones Aerophones

2.1.3. Schaeffner instruments with solid, vibrating bodies instruments containing vibrating air

2.1.4. Range Soprano flute violin clarinet Alto horn viola Tenor guitar tenor drum tenor saxaphone trombone Baritone cello bassoon euphonium Bass bass guitar bass drum bass saxophone double bass Alto

3. Singers

3.1. Examples

3.1.1. Adele

3.1.2. John Lennon

3.1.3. Lea Salonga

3.1.4. Mariah Carey

3.1.5. Michael Jackson

3.1.6. Sarah Geronimo

3.1.7. Sia

4. Compositions

4.1. composer

4.2. songwriting

4.3. lead sheet

4.4. improvisation

4.5. piece

5. Elements

5.1. Melody

5.1.1. pitch

5.1.2. melody

5.2. Rhythm

5.2.1. duration

5.2.2. tempo

5.2.3. meter

5.2.4. syncopation

5.2.5. polyrhythm

5.3. Harmony

5.3.1. relative harshness consonance dissonance

5.4. Timbre

5.4.1. register

5.5. Form

5.5.1. binary

5.5.2. ternary

5.5.3. strophic

5.6. Dynamics

5.6.1. pianissimo

5.6.2. piano

5.6.3. mezzo-piano

5.6.4. mezzo-forte

5.6.5. forte

5.6.6. fortissimo

5.7. Texture

5.7.1. Monophonic

5.7.2. Homophonic

5.7.3. Polyphonic