THE PYP Assessment

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THE PYP Assessment by Mind Map: THE PYP Assessment

1. What? - Assessment is intergal to all teaching and learning. - All tools and methods to identifiy what students know, understand, can do and value at different stages.

1.1. guiding through the five essential elements of learning: the acquisition of knowledge, the understanding of concepts, the mastering of skills, the development of attitudes and the decision to take action.

2. Who? - For students, teachers and parents and administrators.

2.1. Report Through conferences and the written reports, everyone concerned need to know about the progress of the student's learning.

3. When? - a daily activity, along with the lesson and plan.

4. Where?  in classroom

5. Why? - to provide information about student learning - use assessment data to improve the written curriculum (contribute to the successful implementation of the program)

5.1. promote student learning

6. How? - it takes various forms, tools and strategies. - Summative assessment (to answer the question: How best we found out? - Formative assessment (to answer the question: What student know and What they want to know?

6.1. Recording: Tools: - Rubrics, exemplars, Checklist, Anecdotal records, Continuums  Strategies: - Observations, Performance Assessments, Process-Focus Assessment, Selected Responses, Open-ended task.

7. Be subdivided into three closely related areas: - Assessing (how we discover what students know and have learned) - Recording (how we choose to collect and analyse data) - Reporting (how we choose to communicate information)