The Restoration

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The Restoration by Mind Map: The Restoration

1. Charles II's throne restoration in England, Scotland and Ireland.

1.1. General pardon except for those who singed warrant for Charles I' execution.

2. 1665: A plague broke out in London

2.1. Almost a quarter of the population was killed by The Great Plague

3. 1666: The Great Fire

3.1. Consequences

3.1.1. Extintion of The Plague

3.1.2. Left 200.000 people homeless

3.1.3. City was rebuilded more modern

3.1.4. Financial crisis

3.1.5. New Amsterdam became New York

4. 1670: Signed a treaty of alliance between England and France.

5. The Convention Parliament was created.

5.1. Formed by members of religions and political parties competing for power.

5.2. Intended to restore the constitution of 1641

5.3. Declared the restoration of the King and the Lords.

5.4. Disbanded the army

5.5. Establishment of a fixed income for the king

5.5.1. The Excise Tax

5.6. Act of Indemnity and Oblivion

5.6.1. No purge was alllowed The Cavalliers managed to take revenge against the Dissenters - Presbyterians and Independents. They wanted to be superior by law

5.7. Confiscated lands from the crown and the bishops were returned.

6. Development of two political factions

6.1. The Whigs

6.1.1. Leader: Shaftesbury

6.1.2. Liberals They didn't want a Catholic King, they supported the Parliament over the King. They wanted toleration for Protestans. They wanted Monmouth to be considered a legitimate son of Charles.

6.2. The Tories

6.2.1. Conservatives They wanted to preserve old traditions and supported the Anglican Church and the King They didn't support the Exclusion Crisis.

7. 1665: Second Dutch War broke out.

8. Titus Oates

8.1. Protestant Hero of the moment

8.2. Didn't want James as the successor of the throne

8.3. Lied about the existence of a Popish Plot to kill the king and massacre the Protestants

8.4. Catholics were arrested and tried by jurors. Charles signed death warrants for innocent men.

9. 1681: Charles summoned the Parliament. He declared that there would be No Exclusion. He dismissed the Parliament.

9.1. Charles ruled the last four years of his reign without Parliament.

9.2. James II returned to London and Monmouth remained in exile.

10. 1685: Charles II died.

10.1. He wanted to be received into the Church of Rome and given absolution.

11. 1660 General Monck summoned a Parliament and brought Charles II to the throne.

12. ++++

13. 1683: The Rye House Plot

13.1. It was a conspiracy to kill Charles and James in Newmarket.

13.2. The whigs involved were executed.