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Hogsmeade by Mind Map: Hogsmeade

1. Gate

1.1. Owlery

1.1.1. Hagrid's Hut Forbidden Forrest

2. Boat House

2.1. Entrance Courtyard

2.1.1. Caretaker's office

2.1.2. Entrance Hall Pared Courtyard Kitchen Corridor Kitchen Grandstaircase -1 Clock Tower (Shortcut) 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th

2.1.3. Viaduct Entrance Ravenclaw Tower Ravenclaw Common Room Dungeon Corridor Slytherin Common Room Headhouse Office??? Potion classroom Long Gallery Central Tower Transfiguration Courtyard Bell Tower Greenhouses Stone Bridge

3. Covered Bridge

3.1. Clock Courtyard

3.1.1. Clock Tower Hospital Tower Hospital Wing School maltron's office The Quad