OLPC Grassroots Tuesday

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OLPC Grassroots Tuesday by Mind Map: OLPC Grassroots Tuesday

1. Birmingham

1.1. Deliverables

1.1.1. Understand what a computer is Ram Screen Hard drive File system

1.1.2. Understand how to browse the internet Using Google

1.1.3. Internet safety

1.1.4. Microsoft Office suite

1.1.5. How to design a webpage Using PPT New node

1.2. Daily structure

1.2.1. Morning - academic teaching Math Science Social skills

1.2.2. Afternoon Art Tech

1.3. Outreach person

1.3.1. Told grassroots sites what they should be

1.3.2. Always looking for volunteers

1.4. Overall Structure

1.4.1. Outreach person

1.4.2. List of things commnity needs rather than a job description

1.4.3. Monthly meetings with community leaders List issues Address issues as group

1.5. Fundraising

1.5.1. Grants Initial $1.1m matching grant Rotary Clubs/Int Can't use money to pay salaries Community business leaders OLPC Find grants Match with smaller orgs

1.5.2. Community Public Large churches Schools Private Businesses

1.5.3. It's fun!

1.5.4. City Special projects funding

1.5.5. Organization status Nonprofits Can get funding directly Non-501 Partner up with a nonprofit Have stakeholders list what they want Take needs, turn it into proposal

1.5.6. Approaching orgs What you want Money People Other resources Demonstrate need Tell them what's stopping you

1.5.7. Quantifying assets

2. Pippy (CJB)