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ICT by Mind Map: ICT


1.1. Information Systems

1.1.1. Managing data and information.

1.1.2. Example-> sports club membership system or a supermarket stock system.

1.2. Control Systems

1.2.1. Control machines. Input & Output--> output may be moving a robot arm.

1.3. Communications Systems

1.3.1. Transport of data from one place to another

2. A system is an assembly of parts that together make a whole. Various devices are used for input, processing, output, and communication.


3.1. Digital television by satellite, cable or terrestrial aerial now gives access to many channels that have interactive content.

3.2. Digital radio provides large amounts of text data to be transmitted along with the signal.

3.3. The growth of broadband allows lots of information to be viewed quickly and effectively

3.4. The digital broadcasting, can carry very much more content than old style analogue TV and radio

4. ICT System

4.1. Importance

4.1.1. More productive--> we can do more with less

4.1.2. Send and receive large amounts of information

4.1.3. Process information better

4.2. a set-up consisting of hardware, software, data and the people who use them. It commonly includes communications technology, such as the internet.

4.3. USES

4.3.1. offices

4.3.2. shops

4.3.3. factories

4.3.4. medicine


5.1. Picture

5.2. New node

5.2.1. New node New node New node


6.1. Methods used for input to and output from ICT systems vary a lot.

6.2. Televisions with built-in internet connections and web browsers.

6.3. Mobile phones that can take photos, record video, access the internet and play back music.

6.4. Combined printers, scanners and photocopiers.