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1. 1. Se usa “will” con acciones voluntarias. Ejemplos: a) Will you help me move? b) They will clean their rooms. c) She won’t work with Paul.

2. 2. Se utiliza “will” para expresar una promesa. Ejemplos: a) When I am president, I will lower taxes. b) He promises he will call when he arrives.

3. Futuro con "Going To"

3.1. Affirmative Sentences Sujeto + verbo auxiliar (to be) + "going to" + verbo principal

3.2. Examples:  a) I am going to see you tomorrow.    b) He is going to visit her next week.    c) They are going to eat out tonight.

3.3. Negative Sentences Sujeto + verbo auxiliar (to be) + "not" + "going to" + verbo principal

3.4. Examples: a) She is not going to buy that car. b) He is not going to leave for Europe on Monday. c) I am not going to get up early tomorrow.

3.5. Interrogative Sentences Verbo auxiliar (to be) + sujeto + “going to” + verbo principal.

3.6. Examples: a) Are you going to call me tonight? b) Is she going to arrive late? c) Are they going to be happy to see you?

4. Usos

5. 3. Se usa “going to” para planes. Se indica la intención de hacer algo. Ejemplos: a) We are going to have a party tonight. b) Richard is going to take an English class. c) Are Peter and David going to play football later?

6. 4. Se puede usar “will” o “going to” para predicciones porque el hablante no tiene control sobre el futuro. Ejemplos: a) It will be a great party. / It is going to be a great party. b) It won’t rain. / It is not going to rain.

7. Futuro con "Will"

7.1. Affirmative Sentences Sujeto + "Will" + verbo principal

7.2. Examples: a) She will read the newspaper tomorrow. b) He will watch his son in the race. c) You will work very hard.

7.3. Negative Sentences Sujeto + “will” + “not” + verbo principal

7.4. Examples: a) They will not play tennis next Sunday. b) We will not arrive on time. c) He will not teach mathematics.

7.5. Interrogative Sentences “Will” + sujeto + verbo principal.

7.6. Examples: a) Will you call me tonight? b) Will she arrive late? c) Will they be happy to see you?