Chapter 4: Images

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Chapter 4: Images by Mind Map: Chapter 4: Images

1. Before creation of images in multimedia, you should:  -Plan your approach -Organize the available tools -Configure computer workspace

2. Images are generated in 2 ways: -Bitmaps -Vector-drawing graphics

3. Bitmaps                                                 -Bitmaps is a simple matrix of the tiny dots that form an image and displayed on a screen or printed. -Is a combination block of pixels. -Can varying bit and color depths. -Bitmaps are an image format suited for creation of:   *Photo-realistic images   *Complex drawings requiring

4. Bitmap Sources                                       -Where do bitmaps come from?   *Camera   *Photo or other artwork using a scanner to digitize the image.   *Scratch with a paint or drawing program    *Download from an image from website. -Legal rights protecting use of images from clip art galleries fall into 3 basic groupings:   *Public domain images   *Royalty-free images   *Right-managed images

5. Bitmap Software                                     -The industry-standard programs for bitmap painting and editing are:   *Adobe's Photoshop and Illustrator   *Corel's Painter and CorelDraw -Capturing and editing images -Image editing programs -Users can scan images from conventional sources and make necessary alterations and manipulations.

6. Color & Palettes in Multimedia             -Understanding natural light and color    *Additive color   *Subtractive color    *Color models -Color palettes   *Dithering

7. Vector-draws graphics                           -Computer-aided design (CAD) -Graphic artists designing -3-D animation programs Applications drawing of graphic shapes

8. How vector-draw images work             -A vector s a line that is described by the location of 2 endpoints. -Vector drawing make use of Cartesian coordinates.

9. Vector-draw images VS Bitmaps           -Vector images use less memory space & have smaller file size compared to bitmap. -Vector use plug-ins download faster and when used for animation, draw faster than bitmap. -Vector easily scalable without loss of resolution or image quality.  -Vector images require a plug-in for web-based display. -Bitmaps are not easily scalable and resizable. -Bitmaps can be converted to vector images using autotracing.

10. 3-D drawing and rendering                   -3-D animation tools -Features of 3-D application   *Modeling   *Extrusion   *Lathing -Panoramas -Rending   -Use of intricate algorithms to apply user-specified       effects.