JF & CS @ School

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JF & CS @ School by Mind Map: JF & CS @ School

1. Access of Services

1.1. The classroom teacher would introduce the idea of the student talking with a social worker from JF & CS to the parent. With permission, the teacher passes the forms along to the principal who would make arrangements for the social worker to meet with the student

1.2. Social workers typically come to a school once every two weeks. The office would discretely ask the student to come down to the office where he/she would then meet with the social worker for about 20-30 minutes, depending on the students' needs that week.

1.3. Students and parents can access any of the other services from JF & CS through asking for "Intake" when you call 416-638-7800

2. Vision

2.1. Vision of JF & CS @ School: To support students in schools by providing social work services to individual sstudents based on their on the child's needs

2.2. JF & CS Mission: "Jewish Family & Child supports the healthy development of individuals, children, families, and communities through prevention, protection, counselling, education and advocacy services, within the context of Jewish values" (Jewish Family & Child Services, 2015).

3. Goals

3.1. Goals of JF & CS @ School: To expand their services to provide more services for students, teachers, administration and parents

3.2. To Increase safety and security; to reduce the effects of poverty; to improve mental health and wellness

4. Equity, Inclusion and Cultural Awareness

4.1. JF & CS @ School  is an accessible program that allows students to get the support that they need based on their personal struggles and areas of need. This is a free service that is available to students who would benefit from having the opportunity to talk with a social worker.

4.2. The one-on-one sessions allow the student to receive exactly what he or she needs based on whatever is going on his or her life at that time.

4.3. While this service is called Jewish Family and Child Services, they open up their services to all students in the school, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, culture, etc.

4.4. On top of the individual social work services, there are 30 other services that the student or parents could receive to help through challenges going on at home or with the child.

4.5. JF & CS offers their services in English and in French to better read the diverse community around them

5. Services

5.1. For Students

5.1.1. In one-on-one counselling sessions, the social workers address issues of anxiety, social anxiety, bullying, relationship issues, family challenges, self-regulation, depression or any other struggle that the student is going through

5.1.2. Run groups that focus on building social skills, positive friendships, leadership, self-esteem, and a positive transition into high school

5.2. For Families

5.2.1. Referring parents to community resources

5.2.2. Helping parents understand their child's needs and behaviours. Discuss ways to support the child at home

5.2.3. Proviidng counselling services

5.2.4. Providing information sessions about mental health awareness

5.2.5. Divorce and Separation Workshops and Services

5.2.6. Health & Wellness Services

5.2.7. Parenting workshops

5.2.8. Life Skills Workshops

5.2.9. Support for bereavement

6. References

6.1. Jewish Family & Child Services. (2015). Retrieved from www.jfandcs.com/