YMCA of Niagara  Newcomer Services

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YMCA of Niagara  Newcomer Services by Mind Map: YMCA of Niagara  Newcomer Services

1. Services and Programs for Ontario Students

1.1. Settlement Workers in Schools Program (SWIS)

1.1.1. Partnered with both the public and Catholic boards in the region

1.1.2. Helps to ease students and parents into the school system and the new transitions that will come with this Provide school tours Newcomer orientation sessions Cultural interpretation Group workshops for parents and students Consult with school staff Discuss any settlement issues or special needs for the student Discuss any student concerns Cultural dress, uniforms, class placement

1.2. Programs for Parents so they have the ability to assist their children with learning English

1.2.1. Language Assessment for Parents Help with Reading Development Writing Development Understanding of Oral Language Classes and Services to Help Build New Skills

2. Accessing Services and Programs

2.1. All programs listed are FREE

2.2. Visit the Centre or Website http://www.ymcaofniagara.org/employment__newcomer_servicesnewcomer_services.php for more information

2.3. Workers will assist in providing access

2.4. Translator provided if necessary

3. Other Information

3.1. Centres availible in various cities across the Niagara Region

3.1.1. St. Catharines Newcomer Information Site YMCA Employment and Newcomer Services 285 Bunting Rd                                                St. Catharines, Ontario   L2M 7T9

3.1.2. Niagara Falls Newcomer Information Site YMCA Newcomer Information Centre 8123 Lundys Lane                                   Niagara Falls, Ontario, L2H 1H3

3.2. Can also assist with employment and housing

4. Vision/Agency Goals

4.1. Would like to be the first stop for Newcomer families coming to the Niagara Region

4.2. Connect families with resources availible to them in the region

4.2.1. Equipped with telephones, computers, photocopies to assist with paperwork and other inquires

4.3. Offer workshops to assist with transitions into daily life

4.4. Provide services free for families

4.5. Have multilingual staff members to make centres accessible

5. Addressing Equity, Inclusion, and Cultural Diversity

5.1. All students from all cultures are welcomed into the centre

5.2. Staff speak English, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Hindi, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Urdu, Pashto and Punjabi.

5.2.1. Whenever possible all parents and students will be served in their first language

5.2.2. They will find someone for translation for other languages