Chapter 2: Multimedia Hardware and Software

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Chapter 2: Multimedia Hardware and Software by Mind Map: Chapter 2: Multimedia Hardware and Software

1. 4 basic stages in a  multimedia project:   1. Planning  and costing          2.Designing and Producing          3.Testing (Alpha & Beta)                          4.Delivering (Final stage)

2. What You Need : The Intangibles      1.)Creativity                                       2.)Organization                        3.)Communication

3. What You Need: Multimedia skills                             Main roles in the team:                                      1.Project  Manager (leader of project)                    2.Multimedia Designer                                                 3.Interface designer(user friendly)       4.Writer                                                                       5 .Video/ Audio Specialist                       6.Multimedia Programmers

4. What You Need: Hardware   1.)Production platforms                        2.)Windows vs. Macintosh                     3.)Connections (IDE, USB,FireWire)         4.) Memory and storage devices           i.RAM (volatile storage)           ii.ROM(nonvolatile storage)                 iii.Hard disks                                       iv.Flash or thumb drives                        v.CD-ROM                                            vi.DVD                                                     vii.Blu-ray discs                                     5.Input devices(keyboard, mouses)         6.Output devices (monitor,printer)

5. What You Need: Software                  1.Text editing and word processing tools (OpenOffice)                                           2.OCR software                                      3.Painting tools( bitmap images,GUI)      4.Drawing tools (vector graphics)            5.3-D modeling tools(3-D graphics)          4.Image editing tools                             5.Sound editing tools                              6.Animation,video and digital movie tools

6. What You Need: Authoring Systems      1.)Authoring tool allow developers to:       i.Edit the multimedia                                  ii.using templates                                       iii.interactivity                                         2.)Types of authoring tools:                          i.Card-and page-based authoring tools ii.Icon-and object-based authoring tools iii.Time-based authoring tools                      3.)Objects (element,contain scripts)        4.)Choosing an authoring tool                         i.Editing and organizing features             ii.Programming features                         iii.Interactivity features                            iv.Performing tuning                                 v.Playback features(test immediately)       vi.Delivery features                                    vii.Cross-platform                                 viii.Internet-playability features(HTML)