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2nd Language Acqu. by Mind Map: 2nd Language Acqu.
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2nd Language Acqu.



foreign accent

foreigner talk


speech production

creative construction, positive transfer L1-->L2, negative transfer

communicatice competences

grammatical competence

socio-linguistic competence

strategic competence

Input Hypothesis (Krashen)

acquisition vs learning

unconscious acquisition, gradual development of ability in a language by using it naturally in communicative situations

conscious learning, conscious process of accumulating knowledge of the vocabulary and grammar of a language

natural order

silent period

predictable order

affective filter


acquisition barriers



negotiated input

comprehensible input


conscious learning

language knowledge

teaching methods

grammar-translation method

audio-lingual method

communicative method/approach

focus on the learner

immersion method

total-physical response


Language acquisition device (LAD)

black box

natural language learning abilities of human mind