75% of Projects Profitable and N.P.S Rating of 9

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75% of Projects Profitable and N.P.S Rating of 9 by Mind Map: 75% of Projects Profitable and N.P.S Rating of 9

1. Have 90% of projects under hours for design phase

1.1. Discuss profitability in Design meetings - aim to keep design phase at or below budget

1.1.1. show how design hours break into allotted time for prototypes

1.2. Adding more specific article/study references that back our decisions. So when we make a decision, it's based not only on our expertise but also has tangible information. Shows we not only are experts in our subject matter but are also familiar and up to date with industry studies/findings. - All of us!

1.3. Cutting back time in the design phase through a set amount of edit rounds a client can have - 3 rounds for homepage and innerpage change to 2 - Gina (contract and process)

1.4. just wireframe mobile innerpages  (will need to update deliverables)

2. Decrease site edits phase by 5%

2.1. This would involve improving our kick-off process to gain more insights from the client (I recommend updating the kick-off call script), as well as improving our specs and communication with the internal team. (look into how IM does this) - Kate P.

2.1.1. pull avg. score for homepage survey and add follow up to process if below certain amount - Gina (do IMs get same question?)

2.1.2. If you were to explain your business to a recruit, how would you describe it?

2.2. Have clients WP training immediately following Completed Site OR Site Edits round 1 - with the goal that the client can complete text edits on their own (help profitability)

2.2.1. find way to track how many projects this happens for - Gina

2.3. Have FEDs do site edits if schedule allows

2.4. outsource site reviews (test this with rislone) - Gina and Kristina

3. Reach avg. project lifecycle of 220 days

3.1. Improve follow up methods to get faster client approvals

3.1.1. test shorter client timelines - kate r.

3.1.2. research timelines of other agencies and verbiage used during sales - kate r.

3.1.3. update pastebins

3.2. Do more tasks independently to keep interactive schedule open

3.3. Enhance team communication to better motivate members to meet deadlines

3.4. Additional FED training so they can do more advanced tasks (Cat and larger builds, ecommerce) - gina

3.4.1. Working with Jake on Video Tutorials - gina

3.5. reduce client turn around time when faster timeline is requested

3.6. customizing basecamp dashboard and include launch date

4. Create a "crisis-communication" Wiki. This would be a great resource for handling common client issues like site bugs, timeline delays, change orders, etc. with recommendations for how to explain the issue and what options we can offer moving forward. This Wiki could have a direct impact on our client referral scores. And we can probably use our "How I Did It" case studies as a starting point. - Bri