Request, query and filter

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Request, query and filter by Mind Map: Request, query and filter

1. search request/response

1.1. search request

1.1.1. components e.g. Untitled query query DSL filter DSL size the amount of documents to return from to do pagination ignorer to determine the second page of 10 items, elastic search has to calculate the top 20 items _source specify how _source field returns sort

1.1.2. specify scope Untitled

1.1.3. formats URL-based search request Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled request body-based search request Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

1.2. search response

1.2.1. Untitled

1.2.2. Untitled

2. query and filter DSL

2.1. queries

2.1.1. match_all def match all documents use case when want to use a filter instead of a query example return all docs use a filter

2.1.2. query_string fields being searched by default _all field can be changed example can be issued from either url / request boy Untitled cons might put elastic search cluster at risk pros easy to use

2.1.3. term query / filter def allows you to specify a field and term to search for within your documents search for multiple items in a document's field force min number of match limit results by exactly matching tokens term query Untitled term filter Untitled

2.1.4. terms query def search for multiple terms in a document's field terms query Untitled

2.1.5. match query and term filter def Untitled similar to terms query match query behaviors boolean phrase query

2.1.6. phrase_prefix query use case running autocomplete for a search box example Untitled Untitled max_expansion

2.1.7. multi_match def allows you to search for a value across multiple fields example Untitled

2.1.8. range query / filter parameters Untitled query Untitled filter Untitled

2.1.9. prefix query / filter query Untitled filter Untitled

2.1.10. wildcard query example query result

2.2. compound queries

2.2.1. boolean query bool clause types must must_not should Untitled example Untitled

2.2.2. bool filter def like bool queries example Untitled Untitled

2.3. query for field exists

2.3.1. exists filter Untitled

2.3.2. missing filter Untitled Untitled

2.3.3. transform any query into filter Untitled Untitled

2.4. filters vs queries

2.4.1. def filter returns a simple "yes or no" answer rather than a score filter are cacheable because they do not calculate the score

2.4.2. process Untitled

2.4.3. filter cache mechanisms Untitled

2.4.4. filtered query example two components the query the filter Untitled