Matter and environmental factors

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Matter and environmental factors by Mind Map: Matter and environmental factors

1. Ecosystems have energy flows and ecosystem cycle materials.

2. Process of ecosystems

3. It enters as light or photons

4. Then is transform into chemical energy in organic molecules by cellular processes, just like photosynthesis and respiration. Result: HEAT

5. Without this process of solar energy the ecosystems would shut down.

6. Transformation of energy

7. Energy form the sun enters and is captured by photosynthesis.

8. Carbone dioxide combines with hydrogen to produce carbohydrates.

9. Energy is stored in ATP.

10. Biogeochemistry

11. Study of how chemicals cycles enter the ecosystem.

12. Abiotic factors.

13. Are those on-living physical and chemical factors which affect the ability of organisms to survive and reproduce

14. Biotic factors.

15. Are all living things or their materials that directly or indirectly affect and organism in it´s environment. This would include organisms, their presence, parts, interaction and wastes.

16. Factors such as parasitism, desease and prediction would also be classified as biotic factors.

17. Examples: light intensity, temperature range

18. Examples: parasitism, disease and predation

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