BPM Business Process Management

High-level overview BPM. Business Process Management definition, lifecycle and tools. Read more https://www.stakeholdermap.com/bpm/bpm.html

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BPM Business Process Management by Mind Map: BPM Business Process Management

1. BPM tools

1.1. Software

1.1.1. Wrike

1.1.2. CWA Process & QM Suite

1.1.3. Mykosmos

1.1.4. ProcessMaker BPM Software

1.1.5. Timereaction

1.1.6. Process Street

1.1.7. bpmn.org

1.2. Flow charting

1.3. Cross - function flow charts

1.4. RACI

1.5. Histograms

2. BPM may also stand for

2.1. Beats per minute

3. BPM examples

3.1. BPM for an approval process

3.2. Process model for a Bakery

3.3. Car Hire BPM

3.4. Collecting Votes BPM

3.5. Discussion Cycle BPM

3.6. BPM for documenting a process

3.7. BPM for a Doctor to Patient process

3.8. Posting a job BPM

3.9. Payment Process BPM

3.10. Request for Quote BPM

3.11. bpm for Vendor Management

3.12. Working Group BPM

4. BPM acronyms

5. BPM notation

6. BPM teams

6.1. BPM stakeholders

6.2. Chief Process Officer

6.3. Process Designer

6.4. Business Engineer

6.5. Subject Matter Experts

6.6. Process Owners

6.7. System Architect

7. BPM lifecycle

7.1. Design

7.2. Modelling

7.3. Execution

7.4. Monitoring

7.5. Optimisation

8. BPM definition

8.1. BPM is about business improvement. It analyses business processes to identify inefficiencies, remove waste and streamline workflows. BPM follows a set of steps or phases to document, analyse, implement and improve processes. Article source: http://www.stakeholdermap.com/business-analysis/bpm.html

9. BPM resources

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9.2. Article source: http://www.stakeholdermap.com/business-analysis/bpm.html