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timeline by Mind Map: timeline

1. 1st month 300pv/day

1.1. Set up Web for Gul express

1.2. Set up facebook

1.3. set up docucments & Corporate Identify

1.4. Arrange a Line SalesTeam

1.5. Engage facebook sme seller

1.6. Make relationship with Sme school

1.7. Register company

2. 2nd-3rd month 2000pv/day

2.1. Container deals

2.2. set up facebook page of online store

2.3. set up web for onlineStore

2.4. transfer line sales team into Marketing team

2.5. Online SEO

2.6. Test stablity of the server

2.7. Visit for Container transportation

2.8. Mobile app

3. 4th-6th month 5000pv/day

3.1. online web store Reach 10k/pv per day

3.1.1. facebook

3.1.2. google ad

3.1.3. seo

3.2. Set up Office

3.3. Cloud warehouse

3.4. Bkk area Express