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Session 3 -- Promise/Peril & Radical Change by Mind Map: Session 3 -- Promise/Peril &
Radical Change
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Session 3 -- Promise/Peril & Radical Change

Poem -- My Life

How I look at it -- all about change

Weekly Activities & Action Items

Project 1: Evaluating Literary Quality of Young Adult Literature -- 2011 Printz & Melinda Awards


Lit Quality VoiceThread

Project 2: Trends & Issues in Learning Young Adult Literature

Collaborative Critical Inquiries

Genre Book Clubs, Nonfiction, Graphica

Project 3: Virtual Author Study of Jon Maberry

Whole Class Reads Rot and Ruin

Book Club Selects Marchetta Novel

Interview Jon Maberry

Stone Soup: Contributions via Personal Learning Environment

Course Diigo Group (Social Bookmarking)

Twitter #Bookhenge

Blog & Comment on Resonant & Relevant Blogs

Bookcasts & ALP MM Reports on YouTube

Action Learning Project

Design relevant project

Complete Lit-Review Lite for A

Submit Project Design for Review

Implement & Some Aspect of Project

Produce Multimedia Report

Present ALP at Inworld Conference

Reflective Assessment Portfolio

Personal Portfolio on Google Docs

Reflect & Self-Assess Each Week

1:1 Dialogue with Instructor