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NetWorks - DIT/Porostiy by Mind Map: NetWorks - DIT/Porostiy
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NetWorks - DIT/Porostiy

Mail kommunikation med Francisco - se note

Dear Jens, thanks for your email. I look forward to more news about how you will contribute. Best wishes, Francisco BlackBerry de movistar, allí donde estés está tu oficin@ From: Jens Brandt <> Sender: Jens Brandt <> Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2010 15:27:26 +0000 To: Francisco Gonzalez de Canales<> Cc: Anders Hagedorn Christiansen<>;<>; Jan Lilliendahl Larsen<>; Martin Frandsen<>; MartinRosenkreutz Madsen<>; Peter Bjerg<>;<> Subject: Re: Net Works. Invitation to COntribute. Architectural Association Dear Francisco Thanks for your offer to contribute to your publication and exhibition. We would enjoy very much to take part! It looks like a very good company and we look forward to be part of that. We will get back to you if we have questions etc. Regards Jens Brandt, Supertanker Den 20/12/2010 kl. 23.14 skrev Francisco Gonzalez de Canales: Dear Colleagues, I am writing to you with regards to the book and exhibition Net Works: An Atlas of Connective and Distributive intelligence in Architecture, co-curated by Brett Steele and me, Francisco González de Canales, at the Architectural Association, London. We would like Supertanker to be one of our contributors. Net works suggests that the relationship between Architecture and Networks -as a culture, as a way of thinking, as an organizational diagram, as a pedagogical tool, etc.-, contains a longer and richer history than what we think at first. Consequently, the aim of this book is to unfold the genealogy of this engagement of architects with network thinking by mapping some paradigmatic works along the XX century. The "Atlas" we propose showcases 100 hundred projects departing from the 1940s-late 1930s, as we consider this period as an important turning point in the history network thinking. This is from an economic (reorganization of work around WWII leading to post-fordism), philosophical (exhaustion of the analytical project: emergence of structuralism and systemic approaches) and socio-cultural point of view (strong development of technologies of mass communication and its consequences: culture industry). The book is divided in five chapters: network structures, network schemes, network learning, network practices and a last chapter devoted to networks today. Please also see the attached index of the book for an overview of the contents. We would like your group to contribute to the chapter Networks Today. Practices, as we consider Supertanker as one of the most paradigmatic examples of networked practicing today. It would be a pleasure for us if you could contribute with one "work" by your team responding to the issue of “distributive and connective intelligence in design”. This could be a video (let's say like an athropological study about how you actually work), a report about how you normally work and its outcomes or something specifically produced by your office for the exhibition. Net Works: Connective and Distributive intelligence in Architecture Today will be held in the AA Gallery from the 6 th of May to the 10th of June May 2011. To include your project also into the book Net Works: An Atlas of Connective and Distributive intelligence in Architecture we need 6 high-resolution images, 300 dpi, of drawings and photographs of this work and a 300-500 words statement. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are able to submit these materials and participate in the exhibition. The deadline for book submissions is Friday 8th of January 2010. The deadline for exhibition submissions is 29th April 2011. We have a pretty tight schedule so I would appreciate a reply from you as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  Thank you very much for your time and consideration, Very best wishes from London, Francisco González de Canales Co-curator of Net Works Francisco Gonzalez de Canales AACP Coordinator Inter 8 Unit Master MA History & Critical Thinking Tutor Architectural Association School of Architecture 36 Bedford Square London WC1B 3ES Tel:  +44 (0)20 7887 4000 Fax: +44 (0)20 7436 7540


the relationship between Architecture and Networks


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