Startup Funding

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Startup Funding by Mind Map: Startup Funding

1. Angel Investors

1.1. They give small amount of funding to start the business

1.2. Grat part of them are in Silicon Valley

1.3. Their reward is a percentage of ownership or convertible debt

2. Venture Capital

2.1. This kind of investors com in when the business already started but are still on an early-stage

2.2. They are rewarded with a % of profits or equity

2.3. This kind of funding has not to be paid

2.4. Six stages

2.4.1. Seed funding

2.4.2. Start-up

2.4.3. Growth

2.4.4. Second round

2.4.5. Expansion

2.4.6. Exit/bridge

2.5. Process

2.5.1. Meeting at a VC firm

2.5.2. Pitch

2.5.3. Convince that your idea Profitability It has a market Adressing a problem Growth potential Good team Legal right Differentiate

3. Other kinds of funding

3.1. Friends & familty

3.2. Grants

3.3. Bank loans

3.4. IPO

3.5. Crowd funding

3.6. Incubator