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UNSM's Municipal Sustainability Office by Mind Map: UNSM's Municipal Sustainability Office
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UNSM's Municipal Sustainability Office

Municipal Fleet Management

Purchasing fuel efficient vehicles

Driver behaviour training for municipal staff

Fleet maintenance program to improve fuel efficiency

Anti-idling policy


Public transportation improvements/studies


Carpool program for municipal staff

Active Transportation Strategy or Plan

Anti-idling campaign

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy strategy for the community

Municipal solar energy project

Municipal geothermal project

Municipal wind energy project

Wind energy by-law

Other renewable energy policies/by-laws


Climate change adaptation

Climate change mitigation

ICSP Development

Remediation and/or redevelopment of a brownfield site

Community Energy Strategy/Plan

Active Living Strategy


Watershed protection plan

Installation of water conservation devices in municipal facilities

Improvements to the water treatment plant and distribution system

A policy to encourage the use of municipal drinking water

Policy to ban bottled water at municipal events

Waste Management

Program to divert waste from the landfill

Clear bag recycling program

Zero Waste Initiative

Landfill Gas Capture

Energy Efficiency

Green fund to bank energy savings to support future sustainability project

Energy baseline for the municipality

Municipal district energy project

LED street lights

Purchase of new equipment to reduce energy use such as energy meters


Sustainable Practices Committee with staff, council and/or citizens

Public educational campaign

Fairs or special events

Incentive programs

Presentations to the community

Public announcements

Public consultations

Printed materials

Partnering with other municipalities on a regional initiative

Website with sustainability content

Community Asset Mapping Workshop

Corporate Policies

Sustainable procurement policy

Carbon offset policy for staff travel and/or events

Green office procedures policy to reduce energy and resource use

Green cleaning policy for municipal buildings

Local Food Security

Support for a local farmers' market

Buy local food campaign

Community gardens

Guide to local food sources


Energy standards for new municipal buildings such as LEED

Energy efficiency retrofit of municipal buildings

Energy audit of municipal buildings

LEED standard for municipal buildings


Partnership Programs

Atlantic Climate Adaptation Solution or RAC

FCM's Partners for Climate Protection

Engineers Canada

Atlantic Sustainability Initiative

Ecology Action Centre

Local university

Clean Nova Scotia



Municipal revenues

Gas tax funds

Conserve Nova Scotia

Federation of Canadian Municipalities' Green Municipal Fund

Government of Nova Scotia