Different types of Training

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Different types of Training by Mind Map: Different types of Training

1. Circuit training

1.1. It involves performing a series of activities in a series of orders. Each activity takes place at a 'station'

2. Continuous training

2.1. It involves working for a sustained period of time without rest. It improves cardio-vascular fitness.

3. Cross Training

3.1. It involves doing another sport or activity to improve your fitness. It happens when an athlete trains in a different environment.

4. Fartlek Training

4.1. Or 'speed play' training involves varying your speed and the type of terrain which you run,walk,cycle or ski in. It improves anaerobic and aerobic fitness.

5. Interval Training

5.1. It involves alternating between long periods of hard exercise and rest. It improves muscular endurance and speed.

6. Weight Training

6.1. It involves using weights to provide resistance to the muscles. It improves muscular strength