Inspired Maven eBook Launch

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Inspired Maven eBook Launch by Mind Map: Inspired Maven eBook Launch

1. Launch Free eBook w/ Service Campaign: Feb 1st

1.1. add to sales page

1.2. update FBML tab

1.3. update Sales Page

1.4. schedule promo tweets

2. Holiday Promotion

2.1. add to sales page

2.2. add to facebook tab

2.3. create blog post

2.4. schedule promo tweets

3. Launch Special Offer: Free Workbook

3.1. update website sidebar: BTM eBook Shelf

3.2. update FBML tab

3.3. update Sales Page

3.4. schedule promo tweets

4. Launch Activities

4.1. Sales Page

4.2. Blog Post

4.3. Facebook Tab

5. Perpetual Launch Activities

5.1. monitor sales page traffic: 2X weekly

5.2. Schedule Socialoomph Tweets: daily

5.3. review eJunkie stats: 1X weekly

6. Post Launch Activities

6.1. monitor sales page traffic: 2X weekly

6.2. Schedule Socialoomph Tweets: daily

6.3. review eJunkie stats: 1X weekly

7. Pre-Launch Activities

7.1. SM Posts: "Coming Soon"

7.1.1. tweets

7.1.2. facebook posts

7.1.3. LinkedIn updates

7.2. Build FBML Tab

7.3. Create Shopping Cart

7.3.1. Setup eJunkie Store Page

7.4. Write Sales Copy

7.5. Create Sales Page

7.5.1. add SM plugins

7.5.2. add google analytics

7.5.3. add opt-in box