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Images by Mind Map: Images

1. Still images generated 2 ways

1.1. 1. Bitmaps

1.1.1. -simple matrix of the tiny dots form an image and displayed on screen or printed                   -data matrix that describes the characteristics of all pixels making up an image

1.2. 2. Vector-drawn graphics

1.2.1. -Applications of vector-drawn objects

1.2.2. -How vector-drawn images work

1.2.3. -Vector-drawn images versus bitmaps

2. 3 basic group legal rights protecting use of images from clip art galleries

2.1. 1. Public domain images

2.1.1. -either never protected by a copyright or their copyright has ended

2.2. 2. Royalty-free images

2.2.1. -purchased and used without paying addition license fees

2.3. 3. Right-managed images

2.3.1. -negotiate with the right holder regarding terms for using the image and how much will pay for that use

3. Features of 3-D application

3.1. 1. Modeling                                                            -Placing all the elements into 3-D space

3.2. 2. Extrusion                                                          -The shape of a plane surface extends some       distance

3.3. 3. Lathing                                                              -A profile of the shape is rotated around a         defined axis

4. Understanding natural light and color

4.1. 1. Additive color

4.2. 2. Subtractive color

4.3. 3. Color models

5. Colors palettes

5.1. -Palettes are mathematical tables that define the color of pixels displays on screen.

6. Dithering

6.1. -process whereby the color value of each pixel is changed to the closest  matching color value in the target palette.

7. Image File Type Used

7.1. 1. Macintosh formats                                           -commonly used format is PICT

7.2. 2. Windows formats                                             -commonly used image file format on                Window is DIB ,also known as BMP

7.3. 3. Cross-platform formats                                     -commonly used format on the web is JPEG,      GIF, and PNG.