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This mind map represents the layout of the website.

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Sources Website by Mind Map: Sources Website

1. Main (Welcome)

1.1. English Education (Eigo)

1.2. I (Dashboard)

1.3. TRPG (Dashboard)

1.4. Design

1.5. Schedule a Meeting

1.6. Sources Site Map

1.7. About Sources

1.8. Contact

2. Design

3. Management

3.1. I (Dashboard)

3.1.1. Video Blog Blog Posts Blog Posts Archive How do I make the Videos? Contributions / Support Twitter Feed

3.1.2. Useful Tools Mind Map Solution: MindMeister Video Solution: Vimeo Books on Life & Management Links on Life Management

3.1.3. How can you help? iSources on Vimeo iSources Online Store Contributions / Support

3.1.4. Videos Mind Map

3.1.5. About Me

3.1.6. Contact

4. Technology

5. English Education (Eigo)

6. TRPG (Dashboard)

6.1. Japanese Community: Mixi

6.2. TRPG Events Calendar

6.3. Twitter Feed

6.4. Contact