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(The Beast)
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GLOBALIZATION (Business, Gov't, Legal System)

Globalization Movement

A belief that all humanity must unite under one earthly authority to survive and prosper.  Spearheaded by the UN, the European Union and Americal progressives.  A humanistic teaching that believes man can solve the world's problems - a modern day "Tower of Babel".  This "One World Order" will mandate politics, religious beliefs and wealth redistribution, and will control the world's military forces, all at the will of the anti-christ yet to come.

United Nations, AGENDA 21, Global Curriculum

European Union

American progressives

Lucis Trust

Created by Alice Bailey, Satanist and humanist, first founded as "Lucifer Publishing".  The Lucis Trust coordinates all "spirituality" at the UN.

Global Curriculum

A worldwide educational curriculum under names like "Goals 2000", promotes humanism and climate change agendas, and dismisses religious studies as archaic and destructive to students.  Several school districts in the US are currently teaching this curriculum.

International Criminal Court

An institution produced to undermine nations' sovereign laws, subjecting them to international laws.  Progressives in the US are pushing its implementation within the US, seeing the US as the "final impediment" to a one world order, backed by a one world court that determines acceptable laws and morals.


United Nations

The UN, has forwarded a global curriculum proposing wealth redistribution, humanism and earth worship.  Also pushes for international justice courts to undermine national sovereignty of nations.

Robert Muller

Global Curriculum


GOALS 2000

A UN plan adopted by the US Department of Education that advances humanism, globalism and anti-religious teachings to students of all ages.

US Dept of Education


The National Education Association, the public teachers' union who openly proposes a global curriculum and progressive socialist political policies.

John Dewey

Alice Bailey


INFORMATION (its control and delivery)

Progressive Media

Confusing news and commentary, while demonizing conservative and religious media as hateful and close-minded.


US Government agency attempting to control television, radio and the internet to silence critics of the progressive movement and freedom of dissension.




Fairness Doctrine

George Soros

Atheist billionaire who has repeatedly called for a one world order and has influenced media with his fortune.

Obama Administration

Bypassing Congress to implement regulations and appointing "czars" who are historically opposed to freedom of dissent speech in media.


US Dept of Commerce, IANA



A belief that all religions lead to God and have equal validity, with no religion having absolute truth.

Social Justice Movement

A Marxist, progressive political agenda for wealth redistribution and world governance veiled as Christian teachings of the Bible.

Jim Wallis

Tony Campolo

Liberation Theology, James Cone

Emergent Church Movement

A Universalist religion twisting biblical scripture to make all religions equally valid, veiled in some biblical teachings of Jesus Christ.  The deity of Jesus and his substitutionary sacrifice for sin is questioned.  Promotes inter-faith mysticism and cooperation to solve mankind's problems.

Brian McLaren

Rob Bell

Collective Salvation

One of two theories: The first that Jesus' death automatically saved ALL humanity; or that all humanity must come together through our works to be saved collectively by Jesus.  Barack Obama 3 times has publicly stated his belief in the latter version of collective salvation.