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HBO by Mind Map: HBO

1. Key Stakeholders

1.1. Social / Media

1.1.1. Kelley Carville Director, Media Relations at HBO; [email protected] Referred to by Nancy Lesser, but does not look to be correct

1.1.2. Leslie Koch Director of Social Media Insights at HBO; [email protected]; "Built and lead HBO's dedicated social media analytics team, working closely with stakeholders in Marketing, Program Planning, PR and Digital Products"

1.1.3. Carly Beltramo Coordinator, Digital & Social Media at HBO; [email protected]; "effectively communicate with the media, online communities and more. I'm comfortable working with all types of social media platforms and I'm always pushing myself to learn more about emerging mediums, stay on top of industry trends and do the best work I possibly can. "

1.2. Digital / Marketing

1.2.1. Sabrina Caluori SVP, Digital Media & Marketing at HBO; [email protected] Referred me to Kendall Moore

1.2.2. Trevor McNeal Director, Digital & Social Media Marketing at HBO; [email protected]; reports to Jim Marsh (below) Pam Perlman Director of Marketing, Sports at HBO suggested Trevor

1.2.3. Jim Marsh Vice President, Digital & Social Media at HBO; [email protected] Rabia Ahmad HBO, Media Relations suggested Jim as correct person

1.2.4. Emily Giannusa Marketing Director at HBO; [email protected] Was supposed to have a meeting, she couldn't make it and went on vacation, silent after that

1.2.5. Kendall Moore Director, Digital Products; [email protected] Went to CXNYC - she said let's meet there, we did not, and went silent after

1.3. Customer / Experience

1.3.1. Christa Patrylak, Director, Retention & CRM, HBO NOW, [email protected]; "Lead the development and ongoing optimization of the HBO NOW communication strategy across the customer life cycle journey, including product, web, email, social media and mobile to provide customer support, drive greater usage of HBO NOW, reduce churn and improve LTV" HBO NOW

1.3.2. Valentina Monte, Manager, CRM & Retention Marketing; [email protected]; looks to report up to Christa above

1.4. Contact Center

1.5. IT / Misc.

2. Referral Trail

2.1. Nancy Lesser, VP of Media and Talent relations; [email protected]

2.1.1. Kelley Carville Director, Media Relations at HBO; [email protected]

2.1.2. Mara Mikialian, VP, Media Relations, HBO; [email protected] Sabrina Caluori SVP, Digital Media & Marketing at HBO; [email protected] Kendall Moore Director, Digital Products; [email protected]

2.2. Pam Perlman, Director of Marketing; [email protected]

2.2.1. Trevor McNeal Director, Digital & Social Media Marketing at HBO; [email protected]

2.3. Kristen Ardigo, HBO Media Relations; [email protected]

2.3.1. Emily Giannusa Marketing Director at HBO; [email protected]

2.4. Rabia Ahmad HBO, Media Relations; [email protected]

2.4.1. Jim Marsh Vice President, Digital & Social Media at HBO; [email protected]

3. Social Stack

3.1. Hootsuite

3.1.1. HBO, HBO GO, HBO NOW, HBO GO Help

3.2. Oracle Service Cloud

3.2.1. HBO NOW Help

4. Social Care Overview: Twitter

4.1. @HBONowHelp

4.1.1. Oracle Service Cloud

4.1.2. Agents: April, Tiff, Collin, Mark, Diane, KamB, Luci, Tcup

4.1.3. Link to feedback survey:


4.2. @HBOGOhelp

4.2.1. Deflecting to here:,%20from%20tweet ;

4.2.2. No agent signatures or sign-off

4.2.3. Follow @HBOGOhelp for technical support, and HBO for news + announcements


4.3. HBO, HBONow - marketing posts and retweets, technical support is @help handles

5. In the news

5.1. Hiring social / digital entry level for Fellowship Program

5.2. Social Care Agent Job post:

5.3. Game of Thrones premiere caused a mess for social care ,

6. Type of complaints

6.1. can't access account

6.2. service is down

6.3. questions about shows

6.4. subscription questions: free trial, buying, canceling